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A really good synopsis of the position that we are now in has been written by Michael Breslin.  Martin is a retired college principal and, for 5 years, a retired former councillor with Argyll & Bute Council. A member of South Cowal Community Council.   To read his article click here


IMPORTANT-Latest response from the teacher's union the E.I.S.  Click here

(You can watch Jenny DesFountain’s presentation on “The Collective Leadership Model” or read it on the News page)

Councillors have and will be attending information sessions on this proposal. Some have been sent questions to ask on behalf of their constituents.

Calls to Action:  

  • Also, please sign the petition created by Dunoon and Cowl on Change.org .  Click here
  • Please have a look at the timetable for consultation to help identify deadlines.  Click here
  • How about writing to your local Councillor:  Click here for more information

About this website

In June this year the Education Change Programme was unveiled by Argyll and Bute Council. This website was initially set up because pilot projects (were planned as part of the initial proposal) which included change to educational provision in one part of Argyll and Bute could have affected all schools. The June proposal was altered for the Consultation, and the title of the Model now proposed is “ The Collective Leadership Model”. This proposal has less detail than the initial proposal.

It proposes far reaching changes to our children’s education:  individual head teachers would be replaced by one super-head, responsible for many schools.

The quick action by parents in Dunoon and Cowal along with unprecedented correspondence to elected members in June 2021 raising concern, secured a pause in the process to allow for necessary consultation of such a significant change. See below for how to have your say.

Parent Councils are one way for parents to make their voices heard, but they only speak for the parents/carers who currently have a child in a particular school.  Schools and education affect whole communities, and we think it’s important that all voices should be heard. Individuals have the right of response to this consultation, find the link to the proposal on our What is Proposed Page, you can have your say by completing the three-point feedback form or you can contact your local Councillor, details and links are on the Questions and Actions page under Communication or above.

This website is a way to share information, and to support each other to ensure that our voices are listened to, and that the children of Argyll and Bute have the best education possible.

Deadline Day 31 March

March 2022

Please sign this petition 'Kids before cuts: Stop council's plan for shared headteacher' on Change.org

Find out the latest evidence and opinions in more detail on the What groups think page. March 2022

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